We had a party!

Lighthouse Light Party

SO EXCITED! If you loved Lighthouse Live in the summer we did it again and had a Light Party! It  is on the allstarskidsclub app right here: Lighthouse Light Party with brand new presenters Eleyna and Ryan, Zoe is back with Craft, Sports Guy is IN the kennel with Professor Max, Cat tells us a Bible Story about Light and having a chat, lots of music and a Brand New drama featuring Captain Noahs Spaceark! And there's a Safe Harbour session as well. 

You can still see it all!

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Lighthouse is a week long non residential summer holiday programme for children of school age from 5 to 11 (Reception to Year 6). Some Lighthouses also run half or full day programmes for 4 years olds - please take a look at each Lighthouse's details under Find My Lighthouse

Lighthouse is run by an increasing number of local churches working together in a widening area of locations with more enquiries each year.

Each day the children and volunteers enjoy worshipping, dancing and praying together, messy games including Gunge! Discovery (bible teaching), Craft, Drama, Sport. 

Today it is attended by around 5000 children with 3000 volunteers of all ages, 1200 of which are teenagers, in fourteen Lighthouse locations. 

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We’d love you to join us in praying for all those sharing the good news of Jesus through Lighthouse.

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We’d love to share what God has taught us so that you can see the fruit we have witnessed take place in your town or city as well.

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