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If you would like to get in touch with your team leader at your Lighthouse please go via our database SignMeUp

Lighthouse Central

If you have a general question about Lighthouse Central please get in touch with our Director with the "Contact Lighthouse Central" form. (Above on mobile, to the right and below on desktop)

Starting a new Lighthouse

If you are interested in exploring starting a Lighthouse in your community, please have a look at the Starting a Lighthouse page, contact our Director and we will be in touch soon.

We would love to show you a Lighthouse in action. Please let us know if you would like to see one and we will arrange a visit 

We’d love to hear from you!

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To support your local Lighthouse please go to the Donate page on the SignMe Up Page DONATE and look for your Lighthouse

If you want to help Lighthouse Central take Lighthouse across the UK by supporting its work financially then please click here Donate to Lighthouse Central

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