What is it?

Lighthouse offers to kids’ holiday clubs proven success based on easy resources, bringing together everything local churches need to run their best ever non-residential holiday week for children. 

Lighthouse began as one event in one village nearly 30 years ago. Today it is attended by over 5000 children with 3000 volunteers of all ages in fifteen locations. 

Lighthouse is unashamedly Christian but year after year Lighthouses find themselves oversubscribed as parents scramble to enrol their children.

We have seen God working consistently through Lighthouse over many years and seen thousands of children, young people and adults changed. We’d love to share what God has taught us so that you can see the fruit we have witnessed take place in your town or city as well.

Lighthouse Central has been set up to share this successful experience with churches in towns and cities all across the UK.  We want to help you shine Jesus’ love into the children and families of your community. 

Lighthouse is perfect for you if…

  • You love Jesus and want others to love him too
  • You love the people in your community and want to serve them in a way they’d love to receive
  • You love the children in your community and want to offer them activities of such high quality that even non-Christian parents will be lining up to get their kids involved
  • You’d love to see churches in community working more closely together
  • You love the people in your church and want to see them using their gifts effectively
  • You’d love to see your church members involved in a ministry so successful that it will inspire them to expect even more of God

If you’re interested in exploring starting a Lighthouse in your community, then please let us know by contacting our Director, Pat Reading, here. We would LOVE to hear from you!

How does it work?

Lighthouse Central will provide all the materials and resources required to set up and successfully run a Lighthouse in your area. But what does that mean?

Each local Lighthouse is set up as a charity by a group of local churches and uses the materials from Lighthouse Central to develop and run their own event. It is locally owned and run but centrally resourced through a web-based format.

The materials and systems that will be available include:

Set-up resources:

  • Core principles
  • Time-chart and processes 
  • Job specs and management structure 
  • Development assistance for new Lighthouses

People resources:

  • Full online admin system from registration through DBS and all stops in between
  • Regular updates on legislation/compliance
  • Policies and procedures including Safeguarding and Data Protection
  • Social media 
  • Recruitment materials for volunteers and children

Programme resources:

  • Mainstage material 
  • Music material
  • Teaching (Discovery) material 
  • Drama material 
  • Craft guidelines 
  • Lighthouse merchandise 

Lighthouse resources will be made available based on a per attendee fee (volunteers and children) and a per child fee for teaching materials.

What next?

Lighthouse Central will support you every step of the way! We are here to help and will talk you through all the processes. We have put together a timeline with  a lot of detail which you can see here:

Start a new Lighthouse