A Prayer List for the start of a new Lighthouse year

Please continue to hold Lighthouse in your prayers, here are some areas to give you ideas.

  • Children’s registration opened on May 4th. Many Lighthouses are short of volunteers which means they cannot take as many children as they would want to. Please pray for many more volunteers to come forward, to respond to the call to action and join in the joy that is Lighthouse, to enable us to take as many children as we can
  • We pray for all the Beaconsfield volunteers that they will consider helping at another local Lighthouse as their ‘home’ Lighthouse is unable to run this year
  • We give thanks for the tireless efforts of the local Lighthouse management teams dealing with the administration requirements and working on every aspect of the planning 
  • Please pray particularly for the two brand new Lighthouses in Bourne End and Langley who are working with the Central system for the first time and for Thame, a very experienced Lighthouse but new to Lighthouse Central, that they find it easy to navigate and a great benefit in their administrative burden 
  • Lighthouse Central: the team working on the vital background tasks and planting new Lighthouses, spreading the joy of Lighthouse! May they bring many new Lighthouses into being in 2020 and beyond, with particular prayer for Burton upon Trent who we recently visited and prayers for all the other towns and villages we have been talking to
  • We lift up prayers of thanks for recent donations to Lighthouses and for all the monetary support that is given to help us all carry on building the Kingdom. We pray for  generosity on the part of supporters and for the successful outcome of grant applications
  • And collectively we pray for the many areas of Lighthouse, that all will work cohesively, with great joy in doing God’s work