You will receive an email when your role has been allocated. Please check in your Spam box if you think you should have received this email. You can also go here.

Please go here.

Please go here.

No. The Lighthouse buses are for children attending Lighthouse and therefore they do not get to the Lighthouse site in time for the morning team briefing and leave before the team debrief at the end of the day. If you have a problem with getting to Lighthouse please contact your Age Group Leader in the first instance.

Most Lighthouses do have parking facilities on or close to the site. 

It would be very helpful if you could car share, walk or cycle wherever possible.

Langley, Mansfield and Marlow have very limited parking so this is particularly important.

Everyone who is helping while the children are on site needs a Lighthouse T Shirt. 

Each Lighthouse will have different arrangements for collection, usually at the Dedication Meeting/Commissioning Service the day before Lighthouse.

There will also be Polo Shirts, Hoodies and Zoodies available for purchase on site.

If your DBS needs renewing we will be in touch to remind you. 

You will need to complete the DBS online application form which we will email you.

DBS checks need to be renewed every 3 years unless you are registered with the Update Service.

Anyone aged over 16 needs a DBS check if they are on site.

If you are receiving emails from us asking for your help but cannot help, please click on the link in the email to say you cannot help this year but would like to be contacted again next year and you will not receive any more emails. If you wish to be taken off our database altogether please click on the link in the email.

Lighthouse runs a special area for volunteers' children in the mornings, from the time at which volunteers arrive until the Lighthouse programme for the rest of the children starts. There is a section on the child application form to register volunteers' children - if you did not fill this in and require this service, please contact us. 

Please note Burnham and Marlow only accept volunteers' children but not siblings, due to space restrictions.

Yes as long as it is an Enhanced Disclosure DBS Certificate from 2018/19* from a Lighthouse Central approved organisation which includes: the church, schools, and organisations working with young people such as Scouts, Girls Brigade etc.
You will need to show the certificate and a form of ID with an address to a Lighthouse DBS checker 
certificates not registered with the update service are only valid for three years

If you haven’t received your confirmation email please check your spam/junk mail. If it is not there then please email Lighthouse Admin.

You may be listed on our database twice. If you contact Lighthouse Admin they will delete the duplicate record.

Please contact Lighthouse Admin, giving your name and telephone number and someone will get back to you to go through the application form with you. Unfortunately Lighthouse Admin can’t complete the form without you as you will need to supply some information.

Please see the list of roles here.

Lighthouse no longer receives copies of certificates from the DBS, it is therefore important that a Trustee checks the individual DBS certificates of volunteers - you will only be asked to do this once. If you have already shown your Certificate to a Trustee and are still receiving emails asking you to show your certificate then please contact Lighthouse Admin who will look into it for you. Trustees are busy in the lead up to Lighthouse and it is therefore not practical for volunteers to contact them individually to set up a meeting to show their certificates to them. We therefore ask that you take your certificate with you to one of the meetings you will attend prior to Lighthouse.

If you have a DBS certificate for Lighthouse it is valid for three years unless you have registered it with the DBS update service. If you have registered your certificate with the update service then please contact Lighthouse Admin to let them know (you will need to provide the certificate number and also the date of issue) so they can add it to your application form. If you have indicated on your application form that you have a DBS certificate for Lighthouse but it is more than three years old and it is not registered with the update service then you will need to apply to be re-checked using the links in the email you received.

Please complete the volunteer application form, you can let us know nearer the time when you can help.

You can apply to help at Lighthouse here . If you have a DBS Certificate you will need to have it at the ready as you will need to enter the details (this does not apply to those aged under 16). You will also need the name and email addresses of two people (unrelated to you, who are over 18 years of age and who have known you for two years or more) who will be willing to provide you with a reference.

She should attend all appropriate meetings to her role. This information can be found in the 'Events' section of the website specific to each Lighthouse via 'Find My Lighthouse'. If she is unable to be at a meeting, she must contact her Age Group Leader/Team Co-ordinator and let them know.

No - DBS checks are only required only for those who are aged 16 or over during Lighthouse week/Fresh Café. 

You must contact your Team Co-ordinator or Age Group Leader to inform them. They will be able to arrange with you how to collect any necessary information or T-shirts on the first day of Lighthouse. However, all volunteers are strongly urged to attend this Sunday meeting, and it should not be missed without urgent cause.

It is important that you attend a training session particularly if you are a first time volunteer.

Please check here

Dates for 2024 will be announced soon.

Volunteer registration will open in February 2024.
Applications for child places will open in May 2024.

Please contact us at the form at the bottom of this page.