Donate to Princes Risborough

Lighthouse does not charge for children to attend but relies on donations from local churches, parents/guardians and other generous benefactors.  The costs to run the events total around £65 per child.

If you have a child or children attending and feel able to donate to the cause

If you prefer to donate before the event (which would help us very much!) please send your cheque made payable to Lighthouse PR and completed gift aid form (if appropriate) to the Lighthouse Treasurer, at or see alternative means of donation under the 'other/new benefactors' section below. 

If you need a GiftAid envelope, or if you have any queries relating to donations, please contact Linda Belsham, our Treasurer, email: Also please ask if you would find it easier for next year to start a Standing Order; some people do this already, to spread the cost.

A Gift Aid Form can be found below.

If you prefer to donate during the event please use the gift aid envelope provided and bring to the Registration area on any of the mornings of Lighthouse.  Cheques and cash can both be received this way.  The envelope will be pre-printed with a gift aid declaration which, if you are a tax-payer, will boost your donation significantly.  We would be very grateful if you could complete and return this if applicable.  Please note WE DO NOT RETAIN these from year to year, so if you have provided one in a previous year we will still need a new one this year. Your donation will be allocated to the Lighthouse your child/ren attend/s unless you direct us otherwise.

If you represent a local church

A letter will be sent to your church treasurer, if we know who they are.  The letter will set out how to donate to us and it would be extremely helpful if donations could be received before Lighthouse starts as this is when most of the expense is incurred.  If you have not been involved with us before please follow the instructions below for other benefactors.

If you are another or new benefactor

HELLO and THANK YOU!  Lighthouse would love to receive your donation and can currently accept these as cheque, cash or online transfer.


Cheques, made payable to Lighthouse PR, to be sent before Lighthouse starts to the Lighthouse Treasurer, c/o 14 Willow Way, Princes Risborough. HP27 9AY. Alternatively, during Lighthouse week cheques may be hand delivered to the Registration area on site. Envelopes preprinted with a gift aid declaration will be available there or you may either print and use the declaration below or obtain an envelope from the Treasurer (contact details above).


Cash should be hand delivered to the registration area at the relevant site during Lighthouse week. Envelopes preprinted with a gift aid declaration will be available there or you may either print and use the declaration below or obtain an envelope from the Lighthouse Treasurer (contact details above).

Bank transfer

Bank transfers can be made directly to the following accounts Lighthouse PR, sort code 30-96-86, account number 00549598.

Please quote the taxpayer's name as the reference. Again, gift aid would help us greatly so if choosing this means of donation please print, complete and return the declaration below and send to the Lighthouse Treasurer, c/o 14 Willow Way, Princes Risborough, HP27 9AY.


How about considering leaving something to Lighthouse in your will?  It won't be worth as much as the donation would while you are still with us, but it could still make a real difference.   If you are willing to do this you will need to include the registered charity number(s):

Lighthouse Princes Risborough is a registered charity No. 1178119 

Gift Aid again

Just to underscore, Gift Aid really does help us.  It actually gives us another £3,000 every year, or a tenth of our costs. Even on basic rate tax, a gift of £10.00 from you become £12.50 to us.  That bit extra soon adds up to help those less able to contribute. 

Lighthouse Gift Aid Declaration

Please treat the enclosed as a Gift Aid donation.  I will pay income tax or Capital Gains Tax equal to the tax you will claim on my donation.

 Signature  ____________________________________________________

 (Please complete the rest in BLOCK CAPITALS)

 Name of Tax payer ____________________________________________

 Address                     ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________

 Post Code                 _____________________________________________

 Amount                      ______________________________________________

 Date                           ______________________________________________

Lighthouse Princes Risborough is a registered charity No. 1178119