Loudwater Donate Page

Donate to Lighthouse Loudwater

To run a Lighthouse it costs on average £50 for each child. We do not charge a set fee for children to attend but rely upon your donations and those of local churches, businesses and other generous benefactors.

We want to provide a great experience for your child. Please support us. Every donation, great or small, makes a difference

If you have a child attending and feel able to donate, wether it £5 or £50, here are all the ways:

Cash /Cheque

Before Lighthouse: To donate before the event (which would help us very much!) please send your cheque made payable to Lighthouse Loudwater and completed gift aid form (if appropriate) to FAO Lighthouse Loudwater, St Peter’s Church, Treadaway Hill, Loudwater, HP10 9QL

Click here for the Lighthouse Loudwater Gift Aid Form.

During Lighthouse: To donate during the event with a cheque or cash please pick up a Gift Aid envelope from Registration.  

The envelope is pre-printed with a gift aid declaration which, if you are a tax-payer, will boost your donation significantly.  We would be very grateful if you could complete and return this if applicable.  
Please note WE DO NOT RETAIN these from year to year, so if you have provided one in a previous year we will still need a new one this year. 

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers can be made directly to the following account:
Lighthouse Loudwater, Sort Code 23-05-80, account number 45600229
Please quote the taxpayer's name as the reference.
Again, Gift Aid would help us greatly so if choosing this means of donation please email us for a form, loudwater@lighthousecentral.org and send to FAO Lighthouse Loudwater, St Peter’s Church, Treadaway Hill, HP10 9QL

If you represent a local church

A letter will be sent to your church treasurer, if we know who they are.  The letter will set out how to donate to us and it would be extremely helpful if donations could be received before Lighthouse starts as this is when most of the expense is incurred. If you have not been involved with us before please contact us Loudwater@lighthousecentral.org and we will happily answer any questions.


Would you consider leaving something to Lighthouse in your will?  It could still make a real difference to the growth of Lighthouse. If you are willing to do this you will need to include the registered charity number which is 1197215

Gift Aid again

Just to underscore, Gift Aid really does help us.  Even on basic rate tax, a gift of £10.00 from you becomes £12.50 to us. That bit extra soon adds up to help those less able to contribute.

Email loudwater@lighthousecentral.org for a form.

A huge thank you from all at Lighthouse Loudwater for your wonderful support.


Lighthouse Loudwater is a registered charity No. 1197215