Prayer for Lighthouse High Wycombe 2018


If you think it will be helpful, please use the following 31 day diary to help you in your prayer for Lighthouse High Wycombe.  Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might like it.  If you have any scriptures, words, pictures, etc. as a result of praying, please send them to  

Please pray for:

1.  The Trustees to be guided by God in their prayer and overall planning:

     Chairman - Tom Warren, and trustees - Valerie Anderson, Roxy Deacon, Simon Evans, Colin Hingston, Andrew Piggin, Frances Stocks, Yvonne Trigg

2.  There will still be building work happening at the site during the week. Pray for the site team (Calvin Hanks) for wisdom as they work with the school to minimise the effect this will have on us. Pray for security on site, and that any contact between the builders and the children will be kept to a minimum.

3.  Finance:  For God's provision of what is needed. Additional donations will be required this year because of the extra marquee and more security fencing that will be needed because of the building work. Pray for wisdom in right management of money, for generosity on the part of supporters, and for the successful outcome of grant applications.

4.  Local churches, that they will be generous and genuine in their prayerful, financial and practical support of Lighthouse; that they will be able to maintain links with children and their families after Lighthouse.

5.  For all the children who will come to Lighthouse, and for their families, that everyone will know God's life changing love.

6.  Age Group Leaders.  That God will inspire and equip them for their role. For preparation and delivery of age group teaching times. That all the age groups will be provided for very quickly.

7.  Lighthouse Keepers.  That the right people will answer God's call and that He will equip them in their preparation of small group teaching times.

8.     Lamplighters. That these young people will enjoy their training and be enthusiastic and confident in their role and take it seriously; that those who plan and carry out the Lamplighter training will be well equipped for this important role.

9.     On site Admin team, headed up by Colin Hingston; for good communication and hassle free technology!

10. Lighthouse Central - Praise God for all their hard work and dedication. Pray for the new database that this will work smoothly and that there will be no technical hitches.

11. Stage team presenters, Robert & Sherrianne, as they prepare and deliver the teaching. Help them in their first year being involved in Lighthouse. For God to provide the right conditions so that the children's faith will develop. For any young people who will be helping on stage this year.

12. Music team, (Alyson Rainey) as they choose songs and rehearse together; for musical harmony and good relationships and that the chosen songs will enhance Lighthouse.

13. The Space, (Ruth Harley) that the right people will come forward to come alongside those with additional needs, and that this group will be fully integrated into LH activities.

14. Drama team (Ashleigh Love), that they will really bond together and enjoy presenting the Gospel to the children through their drama. Craft team (Yvonne Trigg), for the right amount of materials to be collected and stored safely, for a real sense of fun as the items are being put together, both in the planning stage and during Lighthouse week. Sports team (Steph Webb) - For a good team of enthusiastic people, including some adults, to help the children enjoy their physical activity. Pray for the right choice of things to do, so that it will have a wide appeal.

15. Health and Safety.  For good Child Protection systems, kind and sympathetic First Aiders, wisdom and sensitivity for all those involved in DBS checks.

16. The Shop. For wisdom in knowing what to order, and for efficiency in dealing with all the buying and selling, and in the provision of t-shirts etc. for helpers.

17. Helpers' children team, for those who will give their time early in the morning to care for the children and for the children who will be there.

18. Quiet room, where children can go for some space and tlc; for sufficient people to volunteer for this invaluable service.

19. Teaching (Age Group Leaders, Lighthouse Keepers) for everything that is prepared to be honouring to God and be beneficial for the children.

20. Little Lighthouse (Kirsty Blake and team), for lots of fun for the pre-school children and for good connections with the parents and carers who come.

21. Coaches (Frances Stocks), for escorts and drivers, for the children who use this service. That someone new will come forward to co-ordinate this for 2019 (or even for 2018)

22. Wisdom and strength for our new chairman Tom Warren as he leads us through a challenging year, and copes with other challenges in his life.

23. For the Thursday evening event for all helpers. That the right people will be able to focus on this event, making it a fun time and that it is an encouragement to all who are able to attend and that they feel part of the Lighthouse High Wycombe family. Pray for safety on site.

24. For good relationships with staff and employees of Highcrest Academy, both before and during the event. Also for good relationships with neighbours, and safety on the surrounding roads.

25. Registration and Welcome; for good relationships between workers and parents/carers; for efficient handling of enquiries and problems and for good communication in the car park. For a welcoming feel in the reception marquee.

26. Technical support team (Simon Evans); for protection over all the equipment, and for smooth running of the systems so that the children are not distracted.

27. Site team (Calvin Hanks); for a strong, dedicated team; for protection on them in all their physical activities, particularly providing security on site.

28. Practical help not involving children - cleaners, car park attendants, helpers' refreshments, security (night and day), those setting up and breaking down the site.

29. Prayer/Pastoral team, for their openness to what God is saying and doing through Lighthouse. For wisdom and discernment, for good listening and compassion with everyone. For someone to be found to lead the prayer team in 2019.

30. For spiritual protection on every person who is involved with Lighthouse High Wycombe, not just during the week, but in the weeks and months beforehand.

31. For those who will decide to become friends of Jesus during the week, and for their families.

"The battle is the Lord's" 1 Samuel 17:47