If you think it will be helpful, please use the following points to help you in your prayer for Lighthouse High Wycombe.  Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might like it.  If you have any scriptures, words, pictures, etc. as a result of praying, please send them to highwycombe@lighthousecentral.org


Above all please pray for good communication in all areas of Lighthouse


Please pray for:


1.     The Trustees to be guided by God in their prayer and overall planning:
Chairman – Ant Lee – and trustees - Simon Evans, Andrew Piggin, Ashleigh Chirenda and Debra Norris

2.     The management team, that they would help the Trustees to make the right decisions in the lead-up to Lighthouse and that other people would be added to the team as needed. 

3.    Our wonderful volunteers, with thanks that they are willing to give up their time and energy to make Lighthouse happen, and that we will have enough volunteers this year to bring Lighthouse to as many children as possible.

4.     For all the children who will come to Lighthouse, and for their families, that everyone will know God's life-changing love. Pray that those who decide to become friends with Jesus during Lighthouse week will get the opportunity to be supported by a local church.

5.     For spiritual protection on every person who is involved with Lighthouse High Wycombe, not just during the week, but in the weeks and months beforehand.

6.     Finance - for God's provision of what is needed. Pray for wisdom in the right management of the charity's money, for generosity on the part of supporters, and for the successful outcome of grant applications. We also give thanks for what is already in hand and for what we have received in previous years. 

7.     For good relationships with staff and employees of Highcrest Academy, both before and during Lighthouse week.

8.     For good relationships with our neighbours around the site and safety on the surrounding roads

9.   For Lighthouse Central and the work that they are doing to set up new Lighthouses and support existing Lighthouses all over the country.

10.     For our new neighbouring Lighthouse in Loudwater, which will be starting in 2022.


“The battle is the Lord’s” 1 Samuel 17:47