Age Group Leader

 This role differs across Lighthouses, at some the AGL is also the Age Group Teacher (AGT) (Langley, Marlow)

Co-ordinate teaching programme and activities for one year-group working alongside AGT . 

  • Lead and support Lighthouse Keepers and Lamplighters in one year-group.  
  • Attend pre-Lighthouse training sessions.  
  • Be familiar with the programme and teaching material before the event starts. 
  • Allocation of children to Lighthouses within an Age Group (not required at Marlow and Thame as pre-allocated)
  • Responsible for any discipline issues, both children and Lamplighters.
  • 10+ leaders responsible for leading /facilitating spiritual/activity workshops as per the timetable.

Lighthouse Central will provide AGLs with:

  • A database report of the special needs of children in their groups, including any medications needed during the day. 
  • A list of children expected, and who have registered on each day
  • Blank registers for Lighthouses to use.
  • Allocation sheets to assist in the allocation of children to Lighthouses on Monday
  • Responsible for recording incidents

Minimum age 16. 
Minimum Age 18 at Lighthouse High Wycombe and Burnham.