Lighthouse Beaconsfield

Community Context

Beaconsfield is one of the most affluent commuter towns in the Home Counties with an average house price of £1.4m. Beaconsfield has been named as one of the most expensive towns to live in outside of London and has a population of approximately 12,000.

Story of Lighthouse Beaconsfield

Lighthouse Beaconsfield was the vision of a trustee of Lighthouse Hazlemere who had seen Lighthouse High Wycombe launch in 2006 followed by Lighthouse Cressex in 2011. Both Cressex and High Wycombe were planted in areas of deprivation. The trustee saw a strategic need to plant a Lighthouse in a more affluent area which could then support neighbouring, less financially secure Lighthouses. The launch of Beaconsfield was a slow process, initial meetings were held in 2011 but Churches together in Beaconsfield felt 2012 was too soon to launch so it was pushed back to 2013.  Lighthouse Beaconsfield has always been rooted in prayer and the prayer team has always been one of its strongest teams. As Beaconsfield is a reasonably small town the trustees vision was always for Lighthouse Beaconsfield to remain small, 300 children maximum and if the number of children wanting to attend increased then they would plant another Lighthouse is a neighbouring town.  Lighthouse Beaconsfield was initially funded by a £3,000 loan from Beaconsfield Churches Together, £1,000 from the existing holiday club, £1000 from Deanery Trust and £3,000 from the local churches. The loan from Beaconsfield Churches Together was repaid in the first year as well as a £500 grant being made to Lighthouse High Wycombe. The largest areas of expenditure were the hire of the school, the teaching materials and First Aid cover. In 2015 Lighthouse Beaconsfield became self funding from parental donations and no longer required financial support from local churches. It was also able to donate £1,000 to Lighthouse Mansfield as part of their start up fund.

Summary for Lighthouse Beaconsfield in 2015

Site: Secondary school

Number of helpers: 200 (many part-time) 

Number of children: 300

Key income sources:

  • Donation from neighbouring village church - £1,000.00
  • Parental donations Gift Aided - £5,000.00
  • Parental donations online - £2,000.00
  • Inland Revenue Gift Aid refund - £1,250.00

Lighthouse Beaconsfield total income 2015 £9,250.00

Key areas of expenditure:

  • Hire of School and Toilets - £2,000.00
  • Teaching materials - £1,000.00 donation to WYFC
  • Admin services - £2,000.00
  • Donations - £2,000.00

Lighthouse Beaconsfield total expenditure 2015 £7,000.00