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Volunteer Registration

Thank you for volunteering to help at Lighthouse 2022, please complete all the details below in order to register. 

Sadly Lighthouse Bourne End, Burnham and Langley will not be able to run this year.

Before starting the process of applying to help at Lighthouse please be aware that you will be asked to give the details of two people who will be willing to provide you with a reference - name, telephone number and email address (all helpers) and your DBS Certificate details, if you have one, for those aged 16 and over at the time of Lighthouse. DBS certificates are valid for three years unless you are with the Update service.

 Want to volunteer at more than one Lighthouse?  Thank you!!  Please contact Lighthouse Central so we can create a duplicate registration: admin@lighthousecentral.org

T-Shirts: all volunteers on site with the children will require a lighthouse t-shirt. If you do not already have one from previous volunteering at Lighthouse, please tick yes and select the required size. The Lighthouses would really appreciate a donation to cover the cost of your t shirt and lanyard.

Lighthouse Marlow/Trinity House: If you want to volunteer for Trinity House (10s and 11s) please apply for the role of Lighthouse Keeper or Lamplighter and indicate the preferred Age Group as 10+

This form is strictly confidential and, except under compulsion of law, will be seen only by volunteer co-ordinators appointed by the Lighthouse Trustees. It is important that all helpers complete this form. 

Please submit your email address

To try and reduce duplicate applications we need to check if your email has already been used to sign up.  If it has you will get an email explaining how to continue your application or start a new one.