Donate to Lighthouse Thame

There is no charge to attend Lighthouse to make it possible for every child to be able to come.

However, we have no regular income and can only continue to run each year if we are financially viable. In 2017 it cost over £50,000 to organise Lighthouse and we expect our costs to increase to £60,000 in 2019 (all helpers are volunteers, most of the cost comes from marquees, toilets, showground hire etc).

Some of the cost is met by local churches and grant organisations, but we rely heavily on parental donations.

Therefore we encourage donations of £50 per child per week to help us cover our costs.

Please make a contribution if you are able to.

How can I donate?

Pass your donation directly to our treasurer:

Lighthouse Treasurer, c/o The Wychens, 70 Queens Road, Thame, OX9 3NQ

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Lighthouse Thame’ and donations can be gift aided.

Download Gift Aid Form here.

CLICK HERE and that will take you directly to our PayPal page.


Gift Aid explained

We are able to claim back on individual donations if you are a UK taxpayer. An extra 25p for every £1 you donate, would give Lighthouse £12.50 on a £50 donation.

Would you like to Sponsor a child?

At Lighthouse we don't want any children to be excluded from a week of fun and the opportunity to hear the wonderful message of how God loves them!

For that reason we do not ask for a charge for children to attend and are happy for parents to donate any amount that they feel they can afford.

If you wish to sponsor a child to attend Lighthouse then please contact us or just send a donation to the treasurer's address or use Paypal.

Note: We would never turn a child away due to cost and don’t link contributions to a specific child. Donations do not guarantee a place.

Lighthouse Thame & Villages registered charity no 1179483