We are thrilled to be back for a second year at Lighthouse Loudwater this summer! Our holiday club does not charge children to attend for the week so solely exists on the generosity of donations. There are different ways to give to Lighthouse Loudwater but one way to support us is donating craft supplies. Below is a wish list of items that we need. Could you save us your kitchen roll tubes? Or add a few pritt sticks to your basket next time you are out shopping?

We would really value your support in providing a fantastic holiday club. If you are able to make a donation please bring items to St Peter’s Church Office, Treadaway Hill, Loudwater before August 15th 2023. You can drop off donations between 9:30am-2pm Mon-Fri. To drop off donations outside of this time please email alison@loudwater.org

Pritt Sticks

Double sided tape


Berol felt tip pens

Fabric pens

HB Pencils


Kitchen roll tubes (no LOO ROLLS please!)

Wrapping paper tubes

Old men's t-shirts with no logo/writing on the back (in good condition please)

Wool (any colour)

White card

Coloured card

Tissue/crepe paper(yellow, orange or red)

Felt (any colour)



Googley eyes

Pipe cleaners

Craft feathers

Funky Foam

Paper straws