We pray for:

A portacabin or large caravan to house our First Aid this year

New storage area to be made available to us to store our items during the year (Backdrops etc)

More volunteer helpers specifically in the following areas:

FIRST AID Co-ordinator fo the week

Lighthouse Keepers 16+ 

Craft team 14+

Sport Team 14+

Drama Team 14+

Techie Team 16+

Main Stage music Team 16+

Security 18+ for morning, evening and overnight

Many helpers for the set up on 28th - 29th July and break down on 4th August

All of the children that will be attending Lighthouse this year

For our premises at The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy and all of the staff and pupils there

For the 3 training sessions for all volunteers to attend

For the Youth Gatherings for all 16 and under to attend

For the Team meetings for all of the Age groups, Creche, Drama, Sport, Craft & site teams