Special Needs Helper

Help with the supervision of children with identified special needs.

  • As far as possible, special needs children will be integrated into the main programme within an age group most appropriate to their needs. You will be allocated to help a child 1:1 through discussion with the Special Needs co-ordinator. 
  • During morning registration you will support this child to access a circle time in 'The Space' (quiet area away from the main sessions). 
  • Throughout the rest of the day you will accompany the same child to their main group activities.  
  • Duties will include accompanying them to the toilet and helping with lunch/drinks as appropriate.
  • Please read the information found in the Lighthouse Special Needs Handbook in order to find out more about looking after Special Needs Children at Lighthouse.
  • You will also need to provide clear instructions, and timetables, to inform the helpers who have special needs what is expected of them at Lighthouse. 
  • During Lighthouse week you can be a 'link-person' for a helper who has special needs or you can volunteer in another role.
  • Please read the guidelines for the Co-ordinator of helpers with special needs for more detailed information about the role, and examples of timetables, and role descriptions, for the helpers who have special needs.