Special Needs Co-ordinator

Co-ordinate the provision of facilities and helpers for children with special needs. Minimum Age 18 at Lighthouse High Wycombe.

  • Obtain from Lighthouse admin the details of all special needs children needing specific attention. 
  • Plan facilities and activities needed for the special needs area, obtain resources necessary and recruit team members if not already available. As far as possible, special needs children will be integrated into the main programme within a group appropriate to their level of need. 
  • You will need to allocate 1:1 Special Needs Helpers to the children who need extra help. They will accompany the child throughout the day in their Lighthouse and in 'The Space' (the special needs area). You will be responsible for a circle time in 'The Space' for those children who have 1:1 help during morning registration.
  • Please read the information in the Lighthouse Special Needs Handbook, which provides a detailed breakdown of this role.

Co-ordinate the provision of support for helpers who have special needs.

  • You will liaise with age group leaders or other team leaders about any helpers who have signed up and have special needs. 
  • For those who require extra help, you need to find a link person on the Lighthouse team who can help them during the week. 
  • You will also need to provide clear instructions, and timetables, to inform the helpers who have special needs what is expected of them at Lighthouse. 
  • During Lighthouse week you can be a 'link-person' for a helper who has special needs or you can volunteer in another role.
  • Please read the guidelines for the Co-ordinator of helpers with special needs for more detailed information about the role, and examples of timetables, and role descriptions, for the helpers who have special needs.
  • Some experience of Special Needs education is required for this