Registration Co-ordinator

Co-ordinate the registration of children on arrival. Minimum Age 18 at Lighthouse High Wycombe. 

  • To be familiar with current registration/deregistration processes ahead of Lighthouse. Carry a radio during the week for contact with rest of site team.
  • During Lighthouse arrival time ensure sufficient people available to check children arriving all have tickets plus badges on lanyards. 
  • Have one person available for dealing with messages/forgotten or lost tickets/late acceptances etc.  
  • Arrange supplies of pens, blank replacement tickets and badges, lanyards.
  • After arrival, send tickets to the site office for processing.  
  • Ensure all messages received are relayed to the correct parties.
  • Work with First Aid Co-ordinator to ensure a robust system for handling any medications needed by children during the day.
  • Reception of children arriving late or leaving early.
  • Sick children will be brought to Registration once a collection time has been established for them.
  • Manage parents coming onto site through at the end of the day.
  • Co-ordinate lost property.