Believe, Belong, Behave

This is the new Lighthouse Code of Conduct  and how all Lighthouses expect  all our volunteers to conduct themselves at training sessions and during the Lighthouse week 


  •  Children at Lighthouse should experience the best week possible
  • Every child and volunteer should be able to meet together in an open, positive and accepting environment where they are safe, valued and happy
  • Their safeguarding and well-being is our Number One priority
  • Lighthouse should be an unashamedly Christian week filled with fun and friendship


  • Fulfil the job we have volunteered for to the best of our abilities
  • Support our Team Leader to work together as a team
  • Be attentive to the children’s welfare at all times
  • Be aware of and comply with Safeguarding practices
  • Tell our Team Leader if we have any issues or concerns about a child or another helper
  • Help the children enjoy themselves and join in with the various activities
  • Take a break only when our Team Leader organises it and return promptly
  • Read the Volunteers Handbook and understand the information in it
  • Act and speak appropriately, with no bad language
  • Dress appropriately including footwear, wear our red shirt and badge at all times, clearly visible, not covered up and no fashion statements (no bare midriffs, wearing shirts off the shoulder, builder’s bums, very short skirts or shorts)
  • Be on time for all meetings including any before Lighthouse
  • Not use our mobile phones except during breaks and never photograph or film a child or take a photograph of any helper without their permission
  • Not smoke or bring alcohol or drugs on site


Towards others as we expect them to behave towards us

  •             With respect
  •             Politely
  •             Responsibly
  •             Safely
  •             With care, kindness and love